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Banking And Financial Services Sector

The Banking and Financial Services sector (BFS) is challenged by shifting customer constancy, increasing guidelines, and capacious trades across multiple networks. Moreover, there is a stronger need than ever for monetary firms to use disruptive technologies and platforms to increase customer centricity while still minimizing costs and risks. This set of challenges often means improving your IT strategy to facilitate such business alterations.

Since responding to these challenges can be a difficult task, it’ll take the right combination of expertise and industry experience to succeed. With our strong capability in technology and business transformation in the Financial services sector, Maaa.com will partner and organize with you to plan a modern IT strategy that will make the most of revenue, shrink costs, and upturn operational proficiency.

Our IT enabled banking solutions utilize the benefits of analytics, responsive website, social media Integration, and cloud based technology to support banking and financial risk management institutions effectively. We use only time-tested software tools and extensions in developing and executing full-fledged financial business website. We offer Maaa.com Industries and services to banking and financial institution spread across the globe:

  • Financing & Lending IT Industries
  • Asset & Wealth Management IT Industries
  • Retail Banking IT Industries
  • Investment Banks and Cards Payments IT Industries.

Our business consulting led approach, specifically tailored to you, will deliver the innovative service models you need. Just like those for a major financial institution that cut costs.

Maaa.com solutions for financial services include:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Workflow solutions
  • Mobility solutions
  • Custom back office solutions
  • XBRL compliance.

Our advanced risk analytics solutions mine big data to help you assess customers and new applicants to:

  • Develop credit scorecards to improve your decisioning at the individual level
  • Reduce transaction costs and time-lags associated with decisions to extend credit
  • Grow market share by uncovering valuable growth opportunities
  • Create actionable and predictive rules that drive continuous business improvement across all portfolios.

Maaa.com for Banking & Financial Institutions

  • Improve online banking user experience and service
  • Increase customer satisfaction scores
  • Anticipate customer needs to provide in-the-moment help
  • Encourage customer self-service, reducing support costs
  • Easily scale support operations
  • Increase employee adoption of internal systems
  • Boost employee productivity by maximizing the use of digital assets.

Some of the areas we could help create the next generation banks are

  • Providing intuitive and powerful digital frontends for mobile and web that integrates with core banking back ends with unrelenting focus on digital security
  • Develop customer portals which deliver customer experience suited for the times.
  • Process automation and applications leveraging AI
  • Innovative reporting solutions that maximize efficiency and accuracy, including internal and financial reports, performance reports, regulatory and compliance reports.
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions to enable informed decision taking
  • Enterprise Applications to integrate various operational functions which delivers the right information at the right time
  • Quality Assurance for mission critical software that includes manual and automated testing, including performance testing and security testing.

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