Business Intelligence

Offers end-to-end customized Business Intelligence

Maaa.com, as a Business Intelligence Service Partner, offers end-to-end customized Business Intelligence (BI) solutions and services, to convert your bulk of data into real-time, analyzed and intelligent information with its skilled and talented pool of consultants. Our Data Visualization and Analysis services give a thrust to your business effectiveness and encourage you to relive your prevailing data with a state-of-the-art perception.

Our BI consultants aim towards categorization, analysis of data to be converted into intelligent, real-time business sources to achieve and benefits for any organization, which has enormous amount of structured and unstructured data to be construed. Our on-boarded certified developers help organizations to take their solution to the next level.

Considered amongst the top business intelligence companies, Maaa.com offers comprehensive BI services in Maaa.com like Pentaho, Microsoft, Jaspersoft and Tableau, achieving worldwide recognition amid top industry domains like

  • Sales and Distribution
  • Education
  • Retail / FMCG
  • Shipping & Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Digital Marketing

Drawing the Distinction Between Reporting and Business Intelligence

Nearly every accounting software available has reporting tools. Some solutions offer budgeting solutions integrated into their accounting software. There are many stand-alone solutions. Often times the financial reporting and budgeting modules are not integrated and often times gathering reports from these modules requires time intensive data mining to obtain the necessary information. Business intelligence software is designed to gather the data, sort the data, create visuals, help you analyze and report. For most systems, it is easy to extract data and dump into a spreadsheet. However, it is what you do with that data that is important. For the most part, business intelligence software is geared toward higher levels of management. The idea is to give key decision makers the ability to make decisions based on relevant business data, rather than just.

What Can Maaa.com Do For Your Company?

What can Maaa.com do for your company? Our team is experienced and efficient in our use of SAAS, Microsoft, SQL, Mobile Applications and other programs. We get involved. We learn your business. We become an extension of your company. We essentially become your IT Team. Whatever you need us to do, for however long you need us to do it, when you hire Maaa.com as part of your company's for the future, we become a part of your company. And, the beauty of it is. If you are looking for ways to streamline operations, including integrations, replacing the old software with a custom program, eliminating duplicate data entry, eliminating paper processes, or need to track production/staff and hold people accountable, we can create a workflow solution that fits your needs.

How do you decide which marketing intelligence apps reviews will change the way you do business?

With so many BI solutions out there fighting for your attention, it's normal to feel overwhelmed, like all you're getting is marketing fluff. The best way to get real opinions on market intelligence solutions is by trusting the proverbial horse's mouth and reading the best software app reviews. Your objective is to find business solutions that are "just right" for your organization, so why not start by reading your competition's reviews of the software they're using? Most likely, your competition is of a comprable size as you and with similar business analytics needs. These testimonial examples from businesses like yours will help you to start making the right software buying decision. Unsure which seem right? Almost every BI solution has a free trial--use the app reviews to narrow it down to two or three apps and give em a go!

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