A Prominent Logistics and Supply Chain Management Client

A leading contract administrator for operators servicing in the transportation and logistics services, wanted to offer them access to vehicle rentals, background checks, and discount programs promptly and efficiently. They are specialized in a variety of segments like Settlement Processing, Personalized Customer Service, Logistics Management Technology, Operator Programs, Fleet Data Visualization, Mobile Applications, Occupational Accident Coverage, Cargo Insurance, and Customizable Enrollment Workflows.

In an increasingly real-time economy, the speed of Industriesand timing are the prime factors for the logistics and supply chain industry. As per researchers of executives in the services affirm that the shift towards a real-time economy has impacted their business strategies, structure, and processes. Here’s how Maaa.com helped a leading logistics and supply chain company enable new and productive business process automation.

Logistics Marketing and Offer Software

This module provides the perform the management of the marketing, sales and customer relations of the firms. It creates the price offers for the customers or potential customers in the required format and by defining the working opportunities in the document, the document is send by e mail and after that it provides the offer tracking. By the total tariff formation function, the periodic price changes can be send to all customes at one time. The candidate and potential customer interviews are recorded and by the historical notices, customer interview management can be monitored actively. By the customer firm definitions, the special days selections can be created and the prepared content can be automatically send via e mails.

Highlight features of our logistics management software

  • Cloud based software
  • Full control over your job summary details
  • Powerful dashboard to manage the details of your driver and customers.
  • Effective billing cycle options
  • Day rate & variable rate management feature for vehicle drivers
  • Separate dashboard for service & tax charge management
  • Multiple customer accounts option
  • Powerful map view to identify the job status in map
  • Allows invoice detail management of customers and drivers
  • Manage your revenue details & customer reports
  • Secured information storage.

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