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Software Quality Testing Services

Software quality and performance are critical success factors for software technology companies. Poor software quality can result in loss of customer confidence, increased support costs and a tarnished brand image. Investing in software quality assurance reduces the risk of losing business and significantly reduces operational costs. Software quality assurance is a strategic enabler in ensuring profitability and end-customer satisfaction, and deserves importance as any other function.

Our software quality assurance services focus on software deployment readiness; ensuring functional fidelity, better quality enhanced performance, and cost savings on the quality effort. We combine over a decade of quality expertise, innovative methodologies, proprietary accelerators and frameworks, and a passion for perfection to provide end-to-end software quality assurance services.

Maaa.com offers following software testing services:

  • Manual Testing
  • Automated Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Configuration Testing
  • Functionality Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Test Automation.

Why Maaa.com ?

Maaa.com is an expert of design, development and digital marketing and we bring on the plate numerous strategies, techniques and an effective solution to custom needs.

Delivering better results and being able to gauge the results clearly is our approach to work. we believe that the companies that create great experiences and deliver the most value to their customers are the companies that succeed in the marketplace.

Maaa.com believes in unique and never ending loop concept Design – Develop – Host. By providing custom made web solutions to small and large organizations and individual, company implements this concept for its clients’ constant progress. With the strong vision to provide end to end solution, the company has all required infrastructure, technology logistics and brain power. Creating professional customer branding and web solutions are the key strength of Maaa.com . As a part of solution process, we carefully understand and analyze client’s requirements and provide them optimum level solutions to present and promote their business at the global platform.

Mobile App Testing

We do App functional, performance and usability testing services crucial to ensure the quality of your mobile apps

  • Identify issue ahead of customer
  • ensure that your mobile app meets business goals
  • Enhance and enrich user mobility experience
  • Compatibility with various devices and OS version.

Security Testing

Security testing services protects your application from ever growing cyber security threats that exist in the world of technology.

  • Evaluate effectiveness of controls and encrypt the application
  • Build security layers for your application and maintains functionality as intended
  • Check for compliance with regulatory requirements and standards.

Why Invest in Software Testing?

Software testing refers to the process of executing programs and applications in order to find software bugs and other defects. This process of technical investigation, performed on the behalf of stakeholders is intended to reveal quality-related information about the product with respect to the context in which it is intended to operate. Through QA testing, your company can obtain an objective and independent view of the software, understanding its drawbacks, as well as the benefits. By getting your software tested, you can find out if your product -

  • Meets the required design and development requirements
  • Performs as expected
  • Can be executed with the same characteristics
  • Satisfies the requirements of your stakeholders

At Maaa.com , We believe that quality and software testing is an integral aspect of the software development life cycle. We follow systematic process and set of rules to get better quality products which are verified and validated at each and every step of the software development process. If you are looking for a software testing company, specialized in software quality assurance and consulting services, then Maaa.com with its intricate coordination of integration and testing processes is your correct choice of software testing outsourcing partner. We use both manual software testing and automated software testing methods, with well-tracked process and result, well-managed report in a consistent and well defined format. Our team works towards the goal of producing the best product through rigorous software testing at each level at fast pace.

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